In 2013, the District of Columbia established a Stormwater Retention Credit (SRC) Program, an innovative approach to address the city's stormwater challenges.

RainPay works within the framework of the SRC Program to maximize water quality benefits to the Anacostia River, facilitate the use of high-impact Stormwater Retention Credits and drive benefits to landowners in the Anacostia Watershed.

The District's credit trading market provides a tremendous opportunity for landowners in the Anacostia watershed to install stormwater projects on their property and generate an income stream by selling credits to the marketplace. However, few have the capital or technical resources to do it alone. The market also provides a tremendous opportunity for developers and building owners to achieve compliance in a way that makes a difference. 

RainPay is a way for both sides to meet their objectives. As an intermediary in the credit trading market, the RainPay program has two complementary components: RainPay Gardens and RainPay Credits.

RainPay Gardens provides landowners in the most critical areas of the Anacostia drainage area with an experienced partner in developing stormwater retention that will reduce monthly water fees and create an ongoing income stream. RainPay Credits provides developers and building owners a simple, easy way to achieve compliance and know that it is making a difference. 

The RainPay program:

  • Improves water quality in the Anacostia River 
  • Provides a low-cost solution for projects that need to meet stormwater requirements
  • Provides a financial return for landowners that install a facility on their property
  • Drives value in the neighborhoods surrounding the Anacostia River

Here is how it works:


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