RainPay provides institutional landowners in the Anacostia watershed with the opportunity to install green stormwater projects on their properties.

RainPay works with nonprofits, houses of worship, and small businesses located in certain areas of the Anacostia watershed, offering no-cost rain gardens that can beautify properties and manage stormwater.

This is how it works:

1.  The Trust conducts a site analysis and meets with you to discuss the possibilities for the project.

2. The Trust meets with you to determine the details of a lease agreement for the portion of the land that will house the raingarden.

3. The Trust signs a lease agreement with you. The monthly amount received by landowner is determined by the total square feet of land occupied by the rain gardens.

4. The Trust manages the design and construction of green infrastructure project.

5. The Trust applies for certification of the project to receive stormwater retention credits. The Trust then sells these credits to pay for the construction of the project, the lease payments, ongoing maintenance and for additional stormwater projects in the watershed.

Benefits of RainPay for Institutional Landowners

  • Receive free rain garden to beautify property, manage stormwater, reduce flooding & pooling of water
  • Receive monthly income in the form of lease payments from the Anacostia Waterfront Trust
  • Receive reduced fees on the impervious surface 
  • Contribute to a healthier Anacostia River

    Learn More

    If you are interested in participating in RainPay, please contact Doug Siglin at dsiglin@anacostiatrust.org