RainPay Credits are a guaranteed solution to meeting the District of Columbia’s Stormwater Regulations.

RainPay Credits do more than help you achieve compliance: they guarantee that your RainPay purchase will help to measurably reduce pollution in the Anacostia River, and will help to green neighborhoods in Wards 5, 7, or 8.

RainPay Credits originate from stormwater retention projects built by the RainPay program in the Anacostia watershed. RainPay targets projects in the areas of the District that drain directly into the Anacostia River, and seeks to design facilities to have the greatest possible pollution control impact. These installations will measurably help clean the Anacostia and, at the same time, help to beautify neighborhoods.

RainPay Credits offers customized, guaranteed purchase agreements for Stormwater Retention Credits that ensure easy and low cost compliance with the District's stormwater regulations. Regulated projects can work with RainPay to take up to 50% of stormwater retention requirement offsite.

Additional benefits include:

  • Long term price certainty for Stormwater Retention Credits
  • Assurance that Stormwater Retention Credits will be providing maximum benefit for the Anacostia River
  • Assistance with long-term compliance planning
  • Valuable space on project that can be used for tenant amenities

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about RainPay Credits; please contact                    Doug Siglin at dsiglin@anacostiatrust.org